Behind Gracie

Hello,I'm Cassandra and I'm the real lass behind Gracie's Garden Bazaar.I create original hand embroidered artwork and sewn goods and love to use a combination of vintage and new materials.
As a child I was a frilly dress wearing tomboy who devoured storybooks and doodled continuously.Later on I gained an art degree and further studies in children's book illustration however it wasn't until I gave up my full time job to stay at home and look after our eldest son,that I discovered hand embroidery and realised it was the perfect drawing medium for me.

Originally a London girl,I now live in the deep heart of England with my handsome patient husband and our two delightful sons.We live in a house filled with vintage fabric,books,paper and paints..what else does one need?!

This blog follows Gracie(my carefree,bloomer wearing alter ego)and me(working from home semi-sensible mum)on our stitchy journey.So make yourself a cup of tea and hope you enjoy your visit,xxx